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how to measure the width of your curtains

  • Always measure the pole or curtain rail width never measure the window.
  • Poles and rails should always extend 6" - 10" (inches) on either side of the window and about 5"- 6" above the window.
  • diagram aWhen measuring a rail, measure from 'end to end' (diagram a).
  • diagram bWhen measuring a pole, measure just the pole width without the ends, (diagram b).

How to measure to determine the curtain 'drop'

  • When measuring to determine the curtain drop, your curtains will look their best when they are hung full length to the sill or below the sill.
    Please use the following as a measuring guide:
    3/8 of an inch above floor.
    6 to 12 inches below sill.
    3/8 of an inch above sill.


Always measure in three places to determine the length of your drop, measure the left side the middle and right side. Please use the shortest drop measurement.

Pinch pleat and Goblet Headings

Pinch pleat and goblet headings can only be used only with a pole. Measure from the eye of the curtain ring to the desired length of your curtain.

pencil pleat Headings

A pencil pleat heading can be used with a rail or a pole. Measure the pole from eye of curtain ring to desired length. Measure from the top of the rail to the desired length

eyelet Headings

An eyelet heading can only be used with a pole. A pole diameter cannot exceed 28mm. Measure from the top of the pole to the desired length.

tab top Headings

Tab top heading tabs are between 4"-5" long. Measure from the top of pole to desired length.

diagram c

Measuring for roman blinds

Blinds may be fitted either inside or outside the recess, (inside or outside of the window).

When deciding to fit the blind on the inside or outside the recess, you will have to fit blind on the outside if:

  • If window opens inwards
  • If the recess is less than 3" deep

measuring blinds to fit inside the recess

  • Measure the width in three points top middle and bottom and use the smallest width.
  • Measure the drop in three places; left side, middle and right side. Use the shortest drop.
  • All measurements should be at least 3" out from window frame to allow for the blind not to get caught in the window frame handle.

measuring blinds for outside the recess

Allow the blind to extend 2"- 3" (" = inches) above and below the window and the same again on either side of the window.


It is very important to always use a metal measuring tape for an accurate measurement.

measuring for bay window

  • Measure from left side of the first window. The width of the window is the same as the recess measurements explained above.
  • Measure the width of the middle window same as above, and measure the width of the right side window the same as above.
  • measure the drop in the same way as above for each of the blinds.
  • All measurements should be at least 3" out from window frame to allow for the blind not to get caught in the window handle. (diagram f).


All of your blind measurements for your bay window should have the same drop measurements.diagram f

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