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how to..hang curtains

Hanging pinch pleat and goblet headings


The hooks have already been placed in curtains in the workshop, so they are ready to hang, stack curtain back in each pleat being brought from top to bottom and stacked on top of each other it may take a couple of weeks for the creases to fall out from your curtains. But try to leave curtains stacked for at least a week before pulling.

Hanging pencil pleat curtains

You need to measure your rail or pole and divide by 2 to give you the width to pull each curtains always add 1.5’’ to each width to allow for an overlap of curtains when pulled, You take the three strings together and pull them evenly together to get your desired width when you have your width you not the threads securely and roll up and pop under the threads coming across the curtain ,DO NOT CUT THE THREADS.


For tracks put the plastic curtain hooks into the third pocket to cover the track.


For poles put the plastic curtain hooks into the first or second pocket so the curtain is under the pole, Stack the curtains as above.

Hanging tab top and eyelets


These types of curtains are simple to hang just slide them onto the pole and Stack them as above.


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