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how roman blinds

Fitting roman blinds


Recess fitting or inside window

Fit the brackets evenly across the top of the recess at the dept that you originally measured the roman blind for (eg 3’’out from the window)

when brackets are fitted slide the roman blind onto the brackets and lock the brackets into position.

Face fixing or outside wall fitting

let blind down fully and turn it around so the lining is facing you when you hold it up on the wall to mark for position of the brackets

put the blind against the wall and let the blind sit on the window sill all along evenly on the sides as well as the bottom

leave it genourously on the sill so you cannot see any light from underneath blind

mark clearly the top of each bracket where each one is to be positioned

take the brackets off of the blind and fit them to where you have marked on the wall

fit your roman blind to brackets and lock into position.

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